Your eyes: Nine rules for beautiful eyes

5. Apply the cream not to the eyelid, but to the “bone” around the eyes, patting softly with your ring finger from the outer to the inner corner. Don’t stretch the skin when applying the cream.

6. Clean eyelashes and eye contour with a special product or olive oil, lightly pressing and dabbing the swab from top down. In this case, place a moistened cotton pad, cut in half, on the lower eyelid. Don’t wash with the soap and don’t rub your eyes with hands.

7. To combat the “bags” it’s useful to apply grated raw potato for a few minutes. Don’t drink before bedtime, limit salty and spicy foods. It’s advisable to consult your doctor to check your heart and kidneys.

8. Wear sunglasses on sunny days.

9. Get enough sleep! All of the above will be extremely inadequate in the absence of an 8-hour sleep.

Protect your eyes – a woman’s main weapon. And then you are guaranteed to win.


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