Your eyes: Nine rules for beautiful eyes


Our life has many facets and everything that happens in it – laughter and tears, amusing antics and gloomy faces, response to pain, wind and sun – is imprinted with thin arrows around the eyes. Chronic sleep deprivation, health problems and stress lead to the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. With age, skin becomes vulnerable and wrinkles appear faster. However, many women are able to retain the natural beauty of their eyes.

And you can too, following a few rules.

1. Don’t sleep on your stomach, face in the pillow. Turn to your side or to your back.

2. Your pillow should be flat, it’s even better to put a special neck roll under the neck. High pillows may cause “bags” under the eyes because of impaired blood flow.

beautiful eyes
beautiful eyes

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3. Don’t rub your eyes in the morning. Place gauze napkins, soaked in chamomile or St. John’s wort broth, on your lids. Itching will stop immediately; follow by applying a special cream. Perform the same procedure in the evening when going to bed. Broth can be warmed up 36-37ºC.

4. Use a special cream. Even the most expensive and high-quality facial cream can cause irritation of eyelids, because skin there is very sensitive.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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