Winter and spring haircare – 6 best tips


1. Take vitamins. Be it a basic daily vitamin complex that includes everything necessary for your body, or vitamins specifically designed for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
2. Improve the blood flow to your scalp. During winter, the blood vessels shrink, resulting in less nutrients reaching your scalp. The deficiency always shows in the health of your hair, weakening the roots and possibly leading to hair loss and stunting hair growth. Your hair becomes fine, dull, dry, and brittle.


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3. Moisturize your skin and hair. To protect your skin and hair from over-drying and bring your body back into balance, drink more mineral water. Air humidifier is another great addition in the wintertime. To hydrate your hair, use special intensive care products, like masks, balms, and leave-in conditioners.
4. Swap your summer haircare products for something new. Appropriate winter haircare products can vary significantly from those you would normally use, all because in the winter, your skin and hair type may also change. That’s why using the same shampoo, balm, and mask can actually damage your hair. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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