Why doesn’t polish stay on nails? Rules for painting nails

A nail manicure requires constant care and attention. You should clean any dirt from under your nails daily and file the nails to maintain a uniform look. The skin around the nail should be looked after and cream applied. You will need to paint your nails weekly. If the nail polish starts to crack, it’s better to remove it with nail polish remover. Doing household work such as washing dishes without gloves can also lead to quick deterioration of the nail polish.

If much of your day is dedicated to household work, use lighter shades of nail polish.
Scratches and small crack will be less noticeable with lighter color shades. Nonetheless, don’t let yourself go around with peeling polish. This will not only look just look bad, but also ruin general outside opinion about you. It’s better not to let your nails grow to long and give yourself a manicure, than to have long, unkempt nails.
If you are using nail polish that is past its expiration date, you should try to apply the thinnest possible coat. A heavy coat of thickened polish will not hold well on the nail plate. Never dilute nail polish with remover, as this solution will not have any glossiness and will crack the next day. If you want the nail polish to last as long as possible, be sure to clean the edge of the nail polish bottle after every use with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. This will allow you to more securely close the cap and keep the chemical components of the polish from degrading.



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