Why doesn’t polish stay on nails? Rules for painting nails

4. Apply the colored nail polish like this: first dab the brush in the polish, next remove any excess polish on the edge of the nail polish bottle so that there is enough on the brush to paint one nail. The thicker the coat of polish that you paint, the less it will last. Start painting in the middle of the nail plate and draw a line to the edge of the nail. The second time over, start from the base of the nail and then finish out by covering the edges. The brush movement should be quick and confident, because slow application of the polish creates small blobs of extra polish on the edge of the nail, which does not look very attractive. After applying the first coat of nail polish, let it dry. One coat of polish doesn’t give the manicure a complete look. The polish will look faded, and its color will not be very saturated. This is why you shouldn’t stop after one coat, therefore after the first dries, apply a second coat.
5. Wait for the second coat to dry and then apply nail polish fixative on top of it. Today, there are many options for top coats. They can be called different names: “covering for decorative polish,” “nail gloss, “covering for UV protection,” “quick drying nail polish,” etc. They all help nail polish to last longer and give your nails a lasting glossiness.
6. Dry your nails as long as possible. Don’t blow on your nails to speed up the process, or use a hot hair dryer for the same means. Nail polish becomes dull from the warm air and cracks easier. It’s better to let nails dry at room temperature. Nail polish that is well dried lasts longer and the nail surface looks more even without scratches or dents.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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