Why doesn’t polish stay on nails? Rules for painting nails


Often women complain, “Yet again, I bought bad nail polish, just painted my nails yesterday and today it’s coming off completely.” In reality, the quality of the manicure doesn’t always depend on the polish, in fact, some women just don’t know how to properly paint their nails. To ensure that the polish stays and lasts, be sure to adhere to the following rules:

 painting nails
painting nails

Image Source: womenshealthmag
1. Do not get your nails wet before applying polish. If you steam your nails before a manicure, you should wait 15 minutes before applying polish. This is enough time for the nails to dry and their surface will change. Polish that is applied onto wet nails will crack quickly.
2. So the polish lays down evenly, you should prepare the nail plate. The polish will last longer if you also degrease the nails. You can degrease using either nail polish remover or simply just wash them with soap. Just don’t forget to dry the nails after washing. On dry, degreased nails, polish won’t bubble up or peel.
3. Before applying the colored polish, paint your nails with a clear polish. Polish base solution contains substances that strengthens nails and promotes growth. Many of them also supplement with vitamins A, B, and E, as well as ceramides and other minerals. Colored polish will lay evenly on the nail polish base and will last between four and five days. On top of that, nail polish base will protect the nail plate from bleaching and other consequences of colored nail polish.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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