Taking on all the housework, including financial payments, is another mistake that almost every woman makes at the beginning of the marriage. Most of you will think it’s great when a wife takes full control of the finances, but you will experience the downside of this responsibility later. Try to make decisions together, or at least regarding the most important and expensive investments. It is also good to split the housework between the two of you.

Do not become an enemy of his mother, his father, his brother or his sister, or his best friend. He loves his family and friends. If there is a conflict, you must stop all public expressions of disapproval. Be kind and courteous to his relatives and try to make them happy. They will surely appreciate it and respond with the same good attitude.

Clearly, you want to spend more time with your beloved, but he needs time with his friends. Of course, it is important to share a lot more time together, but you also have to have your meetings with friends. It is best to combine these things – when your husband is meeting with friends, you can also have fun with the girls. Marriage is not a reason to give up on your friends; you need them and they need you.



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