Turn and Old T-shirt into a Stylish Halter Top

1. Lately old, clean T-shirt out on a flat surface.

Stylish Halter Top
Stylish Halter Top

Image Source: wobisobi
2. Follow the lines on the tutorial pictures to draw chalk lines on the shirt as guides for cutting. These cuts will remove the short sleeves and turn the collar into a V-neck.
3. Cut carefully on all the marked lines.
4. Flip the T-shirt over and, following the images again, cut the back fabric into to even strips.
5. Tie each of these strips to a whole at the ends of the wider straps coming from the front. Do not crisscross them in the back. If desired, you can twist the straps before you tie them to give a more unique look.
6. Put on your new halter top and a big smile and head out to greet the world.


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