Tribal Art Nail Polish Design


Nail Polish Design
Nail Polish Design

Image Source: alldaychic
1. Paint all of your fingernails with the white nail polish and allow this to dry completely before continuing.
2. Use the gold nail polish to make a half moon shape at the base of each nail. Let this dry as well.
3. With the narrow brush, job lines of black nail polish on top of the gold polish as the pictures indicate.
4. Create large and small dots on top of the white nail polish as shown in the images. Allow all the black polish to dry before continuing.
5. Add gold nail polish dots on top of the larger black dots and allow this to dry.
6. Finish the design with tiny black dots surrounding the larger ones as seen in the picture.
7. After everything is completely dry, seal with a topcoat to help the tribal art nail polish design last even longer.


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