Top 10 Tips for Perfect Hair


1. For more volume wait until your hair is completely dry, divide it into small sections and spray the roots with hair spray with a strong hold. Then dry it again by lifting the hair in the opposite direction than it falls naturally.

2. Get the most out of what you have, instead of using fake hair on a daily basis which only turns it into something that is not. A healthy, shiny and well-groomed head of hair – whether curly, straight, long or short – is what we should strive for.


Image Source: harpersbazaar

3. If you have thick hair, do not wash it every day because that will deprive it of its natural oils. Instead, wash it during the day and do not forget to apply a balm to the edges for extra hydration.

4. Never brush curly hair while drying it – doing so will only cause frizz and make it lose its luster.

5. Warm the styling product in your hands before applying it to your hair – it will be much more effective.

6. Change up shampoos – if you have dyed and thin hair, use a shampoo for colored hair one day and a shampoo for thin hair the next time to get the most out of the two formulas.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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