The Most Common Mistakes that Women Make when They Want to Achieve a Natural Look



Many women in the summer are trying to achieve a natural look “without makeup,” but very often, the result of such makeup does not seem very natural.

If you only want to rectify your face and look natural, try to avoid these mistakes.




1. Powder blush without mascara

One of the worst natural underlying perspectives is that one. A face with makeup without a mascara looks much older and more tired, and powder layers are observed much more. If you want or need to avoid using mascara but want to hide the oily facial skin, choose a BB cream that will naturally give color to the face. If you want a natural look, you should slightly reduce the blush. Always choose light colors, like light pink blush or peach-colored blush. Put them on in a very thin layer.

Image Source: alldaychic

2. Highly contoured eyebrows

For a good look “without makeup,” beautiful eyebrows that give life to the entire face are very important, but dark and clearly outlined eyebrows will give the person a little comical appearance. For days without makeup, choose a bright shadow or eyebrow pencil that you use every day without further intensifying.

3. Bright-colored lipstick

Unless you’re one of the few women in the world who have a perfect tan, thick black lashes and beautiful brows, please DO NOT APPLY strong-colored lipstick on the face without makeup. Always choose pastel shades for the lipstick, something close to your skin color or simply a colorless lip balm.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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