As soon as we pronounce this word, in our minds arise countless unfulfilled hopes, disappointed expectations, and unshed tears. What is love, where does it come from, and why does it suddenly end? And how can you make sure that it brings us joy and doesn’t cause us suffering?
For starters, let us see the emergence of this wonderful feeling. Imagine that you have met a man that causes you sympathy. He feels the same way about you, and you begin to look at each other .
At this stage, our view is critical and action-cautious, and every omission of the potential partner can be decisive. Therefore, we often reject very decent candidates for our hearts for the most ridiculous reasons: “He did not say what he had to” or “He did not behave the way I wanted him to.”

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Psychologists believe that anything that could happen between a man and a woman happens in the first 15 minutes after they have met. For example, a man who meets a beauty in a spectacular dress and remains struck by her good taste subconsciously expects the same perfection in the future.
The next stage begins when normal curiosity gives way to interest and excitement. Now, the task is not to judge, but to keep the challenger. Psychological games begin again. The potential lovers do not converge, but start avoiding each other and trying to hide their passion, giving the initiative to the other side.

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