1. Short, classic bob.
This chic hairstyle, with hair down to the chin, securely masks thinned or sparse hair. You can add long bangs to the side to hide thinning hair at the hairline. Try an A-line bob (bob angles to a longer front), it’s still a bob, but gives the effect of longer hair.

2. Graduated bob – hair length till shoulders with texture.
Adding layers and locks deliberately out of shape, you’ll get a hairstyle with more volume. Disheveled, shaggy appearance can create the effect of hair density and texture. This haircut is particularly valuable for girls and women, who want to hide thinning hair on top or back of the head.

3. Short graduated haircuts with bangs.
This image creates a mischievous effect, but still a complex and a sexy one. If you have a beautiful neck, well-defined correct chin line and thinning hair is most noticeable in the front, short haircut can become an ally.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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