3. It takes some time before he answers your messages
Everyone has times when it is not convenient to write messages. But in general, the rule states that when there is a desire, there is a way. So you have to watch out if your boyfriend is taking a long time to answer- that means you’re just not one of his priorities. The same thing applies when he doesn’t answer his phone and calls you after hours.
4. His messages seem too general
If your “boyfriend” is trying to balance many women, it will become clear in his messages. Usually they are very general and designed to fit every woman. There is nothing more personal. Usually the man uses names such as “baby”, “honey” and so on; it is easier and it would be bad to confuse the names!

5. He does not share
Usually partners share, sometimes a little annoying things. Where he went, who he saw, etc. If your boyfriend is not very talkative and you have no idea what he does during the time you are not together, this means that there are things that you shouldn’t find out.

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