Seven best ways to make the eyes more glamorous (than they already are)!

4) Eyebrows should never be too thin because it will deprive the eyes of expressiveness. For best results, utilize a special gel-fixer and color in the eyebrow. “Before plucking eyebrows, use a pencil tone slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color. Draw a shape that you want to achieve which will prevent too much pulling,” says the official Maybelline New York makeup artist, Charlotte Willer.
5) Another way to make eyes more animated and to adjust their shape is to use a liner. An official international makeup brand advises for liner on the lower eyelid to reach the middle of the eye, if desired. If you draw a wing, it’s not necessary to experiment with thick lines– it should be fine at the inner corner and become wider as you move to the outside. Also, you can visually enlarge the eyes. Olga Komrakova, from the official makeup brand Clarins in Russia, advises using liners in the form of a pen for these situations. They can be quickly fixed, provide rich color, and are great for lower or upper eyelids.
6) “The use of two different shades of eye shadow in the same series creates an immediate effect of big eyes,” says famous makeup artist Jake Bailey, who works on red carpet stars. You can safely experiment with bright shades, but remember: the inner corner of the eye should always have the lightest shades and the external corner the darkest. Don’t forget about the highlighter to create small highlights under the brows.


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