Seven best ways to make the eyes more glamorous (than they already are)!


1) Before applying makeup, do some preparatory work. “Get rid of under-eye circles and brighten the upper eyelid to look more open and refreshed”, say makeup artist brands Ellis Faas and Juliet cargo Ptoyan. To do this, put a delicate drop of the material on your fingertip and gently apply to your skin without rubbing or pressing. Get enough light layers and make sure it blends with other areas of your face to remain inconspicuous.
2) To visually look more wide open and fresh, you can apply a white shimmering shadow pencil to the inner corners of the eyes. You can apply on the waterline, which will make your eyes sparkle and shine.
3) Lush lashes do not only follow one of the main makeup trends this season, but are also a sure way to make your eyes more expressive. “To make eyelashes look long and full, it’s necessary to apply onto lashes from the edge first, with tip of your mascara brush, then cover the entire length upwards from the roots,” advises Gina Brooke, Madonna’s makeup artist. Make sure that before you use mascara, curl your eyelashes to achieve maximum effect.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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