Quick test on colors :)


You can firmly stand on your own feet and life is the most important thing to you (it’s your first priority). You don’t see reason in building castles in the sky when there is reality. You desire simple instinctive emotions and sensual pleasures. You prefer to make decisions on your own.


You have no trouble dealing with other people and their intelligence. You are outgoing, curious, and relish the opportunity to appeal to and attract people. You are inherently optimistic and expect a successful outcome out of every situation, even if you aren’t aware of this. You’re easy to find common ground with and nice to talk to.

Dark Blue

Your calm nature prevents bursts of emotion, which only happen rarely. You’re abundant with feelings of confidence, which reflect and are applied to family, relationships, and life in general. You often get tired and long for resting time or vacation. You desire harmony and peace is meaningful to you. You have a lot of talent and rich inner potential.


You are afraid of external, foreign, and outside influence and are always looking for a way of self-assertion because to you, it is vital. You have great life potential, which is necessary to prove anything. You are capable of greatness, most often when you feel confident and have the support of family and others. Your thorough approach to all endeavors and ability to easily overcome difficulties are most evident when there is a shoulder to lean on nearby.



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