Quick test on colors :)


Carefully take a look at the picture presented in front of you. Select one of them and read the result.

Quick test on colors
Quick test on colors


You are inherently in the care of others, even when you don’t acknowledge it. Loneliness and feelings of solitude often creep up on you, but you find the strength to drive away these thoughts because of misunderstandings and a sense of vulnerability. Maybe you just want to be alone, for nothing would harm you that way. You have your opinions, even when they’re very different from others, and it doesn’t hurt to follow them. You know how to control yourself.


You’re very observant and don’t make hasty or hurried decisions. Love in your life is rare. You don’t believe it necessary to express inner thoughts to everyone, including feelings. You keep your inner peace to yourself and people can only enter if you allow them. Otherwise, you keep to yourself, and prefer to share at the expense of the entourage (expressivity is also not your thing). To you, the most important things should stay hidden inside.


You’re emotional and love to express yourself. Sometimes you vent your feelings, not realizing how they affect and are perceived by others. You can flare up and become angry, but you mean no harm. You are full of life and want to live in the moment, here and now. You have great inner potential and even if you think you have reached your limit or are very tired, you are capable of pushing further and higher.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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