Quick and Easy Blackhead Removal

• Vaseline
• plastic wrap
• tissues
• soft washcloths
• hot water


Image Source: ddgdaily

1. Wash your face with very warm water to open up your pores and remove all surface oil and dirt.
2. Smooth a layer of Vaseline over the skin affected with blackheads so they are completely covered.
3. Lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the Vaseline.
4. Soak a washcloth with very hot water, wring it out a bit and then lay this over the plastic wrap so the heat can soften the oils plugging your pores.
5. Wait several minutes and then remove the washcloth and plastic wrap.
6. Use paper tissues to wipe the Vaseline off and gently squeeze the skin so the grease comes out of your pores. It should be very soft now and quite easy to remove. Never squeeze blackheads hard to get rid of them as this can damage the surrounding skin.
7. Repeat this process once or twice a month to keep your pores healthy and clear.


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