Moles Reveal our Destiny

Position 13
Children will be problematic for you. You will not be on good terms with them. You do not have many options but to be tolerant.

Position 14
Moles on this position show sensitivity to food. You are allergic to a particular food or just eat a lot more than you should.

Position 15
You are a person who wants change. Always on the move and often transforming your home, you want to meet new people and travel to new places. You do not feel good when you stay long in one place. You have an eye for detail.

Position 16
You must be very careful when it comes to food and sex. These are the biggest problems. You tend to have problems with weight, and that makes you depressed. You are willing to have a lot of sexual partners. Considering that you are moral, such love and sexual adventures will bring remorse, which will contribute to the stress in your life.

Position 17
You are very social. You are endowed with the gift of being an orator. You can gain fame if you are not modest.

Position 18
You are a person who is always on the move. This position implies frequent and long trips. You must be very careful when traveling.

Position 19
You have a lot of luck with money and very good friends. Your weakness is that you fall easily under the influence of the opposite sex. This position can bring you a lot of difficult situations in life.

Position 20
Moles on this position can bring you luck. This mole shows incredible fame or power. You are very intelligent and creative.

Position 21
You can expect success and fame in life.

Position 22
This mole portends luck. You can become very famous in sports, if that is your goal. Those who have moles at the end of the cheeks are powerful and authoritative. This mole is favorable for directors, managers, or directors of large companies.

Position 23
You have a very high IQ. You are very intelligent in theoretical and practical terms. You’re bold and your life will be complete. You will be active until the end of your life and your family and friends will be with you until the end.

Position 24
Moles on that position imply success and fame in the early years of life. We encourage you to use this success to ensure your future.

Position 25
People who have moles on that position enjoy them success and happiness in life. It guarantees you a safe and happy future.



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