Moles Reveal our Destiny


The Chinese believe moles on our body can predict our destiny, depending on their color, size and position. Find out if you are destined for a life of success, life on the road, a happy marriage, a successful career or difficulties at work and love.
Position 1-3
You’ve been a rebel in your childhood. You’ve got innate creativity and work best when you have freedom. If you have moles on those positions, the most success you will have will be as a manager.

Position 4
You are very impulsive, charismatic and energetic. But you become very confused when you have a lot of options. Moles in this position show that you are very temperamental.

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Position 5
Moles on cheeks means that you are lucky when it comes to money, but to reach this kind of success, you have to work a lot more than other people. Monetary wealth should be stored carefully because in your environment, there are people who try to manipulate you and take away your earnings. Follow your intuition.

Position 6
Moles on that position show intelligence, creativity and artistic skills. Your talent can bring you wealth, fame and success. However, you need to be bolder.

Position 7
Moles on the cheeks show family disputes that bring anxiety and unhappiness. Differences will affect the energy and career. It is necessary to solve all the problems of this type before you start to advance in life.

Position 8
This position is not positive. Financial situations will always be problematic because of the need to spend much more than necessary. You have a predisposition to become a gambler. It is important to know when to stop.

Position 9
This position indicates sexual problems. This is a very bad position. It also believed that you should remove it. It brings many problems.

Position 10
Moles on this position provide luck when it comes to the family. People with moles on this position will have many children. Family provides financial and emotional support. Emotionally, you are very happy person.

Position 11
This means a tendency for diseases. It is believed that you need to remove it if it is large and dark.
Position 12
Moles of this position suggest success and balance in life. Although you tend to live on the foot, you will have a very happy family. Women with moles in this part of the face are very beautiful and have happiness in life. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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