Marbled Stone Nail Art – DIY


Looking for an easy new look for your nails? Try this. It looks very sophisticated and not at all DIY. This is a really standout look, people just might ask where you had it done. So, to get this lace-like, marbled look, just follow the steps below:

nail art
image source —> alldaychic

All you need to get started arte a few basic household items. One plastic baggy or piece of cellophane, 3 colors of nail polish (1 base, 2 accent- shimmers are the best), a small cup of water, and some hair spray.

Nail Art

To begin, you need to apply your base coat. Here, we’ve used a very pretty turquoise or robin’s egg blue, but you can choose any color you’d like, but strong, lighter colors showcase the marbling technique much better.)

image source —> alldaychic

After they dry, place one of your accent colors ( the lighter of the two ) on the plastic and then dab a bit of it onto your nails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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