Makeup Brushes: A Complete Guide

5. This short-bristle brush is also used to correct contours of the face.
6. A small brush used to blend or mix different colored eye shadows, especially in the shadowed area of your eyelid.
7. Smaller angled brush is perfect for contouring around the nose.
8. Ideally made from synthetic fibers, this brush is used to apply and smooth foundation makeup.
9. Called a kabuki brush, this is used primarily with loose powder and mineral makeup.
10. For applying large areas of eyeshadow on the eyelid.
11. Another eyeshadow brush is used primarily for shading darker colored shadows.
12. This natural fiber brush is also regularly use for eyeshadow application.
13. Choose a synthetic fiber for this contouring lipstick brush.
14. Use this small brush to get the correct angle of eyeliner at the corner of your eyes.
15. This brush is used for eyeliner pencil softening.
16. Another example of a brush for softening eyeliner at an angle.
17. This small brush in a natural fiber bristle is great for applying eye makeup.
18. The longer bristles on this brush are perfect for the application of concealer makeup and for spot coverage.
19. Shape your eyebrows correctly with this angled brush.
20. Two-headed makeup tool is perfect for smoothing your eyebrows.
21. This is the classic sponge applicator tool for either powder or liquid eye shadows.
22. An eyelash brush for combing or the application of mascara.


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