Makeup Brushes: A Complete Guide


Whenever you read a makeup application tutorial, it always includes some type of makeup brush. There are so many different types of makeup brushes for different application techniques that it is important to know which one you should use at what time. The picture below shows over 20 different types of makeup brush that are used for eyes, cheeks and lips. The numbered guide will help you learn how to put on your makeup properly like a professional artist.

Image Source: alldaychic

Makeup Brushes:
1. This natural fiber brush has large surface area and is perfect for compact or loose powder on the face.
2. Another natural fiber brush is specifically used for the even application of blush for your cheeks.
3. The delicate fan brush should also be made from natural fibers and is primarily used for sweeping away misplaced makeup particles that fall when you apply eyeshadow or similar.
4. This large brush with an angled end is used primarily for contouring the face such as when you use blush under the cheekbones.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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