Makeup According to Your Face Shape


Apply makeup alone for the holidays!
December is one of the months full of holidays. We need to start thinking about a holiday vision – hairstyle, dress and, last but not least, makeup. If you prefer to take care of your makeup, check out our tips on makeup at home.

Face Shape
Face Shape

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When you apply makeup on yourself, you must comply with the color of the hair and eyes with the outfit that you will wear and, of course, the shape of the face. Depending on whether you have a round, oval, heart-shaped or square face, you should emphasize some features and hide others. See our quick tips on how to do your makeup on your own.

Brave Makeup for Round Face
In the circular face, the width of the top and bottom of the face is the same. Stars with a similar face shape are Kirsten Dunst and Charlize Theron. If you have a round face, you should try to give it more sharp features. Highlight your lips with dark lipstick. For more shine, apply lip gloss. A bold accent in the makeup will give expression to the face. Apply lip liner just in the corners of the mouth. The color of the pencil should be quite a bit darker than the shades of lipstick. Highlight your cheekbones by applying a darker shade of blush. Blush should be placed at a slight incline towards the cheekbones. Emphasize your eyes. Smoky makeup and shadows in dark colors (purple, black and dark blue) generally give further expression. They add edge of the circular face. The result is a balanced, romantic vision.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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