A few simple tips from an international beauty expert Giorgio Forgani will help you make your lips visually fuller in just a few minutes.

Tip 1: if you apply lip gloss to the contour of your lips, they will look noticeably larger. But if you want to plump up your lips and keep matte look at the same time, apply some concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone, creating a thin contour around your lips. Visual volume effect guaranteed!


Image Source: mochilaofashion

Tip 2: to make your lipstick look more natural, simply apply it with your fingertips. Apply a little bit to your middle or index finger, and start in the middle of your lip, working your way outward. Even if you’re using bright colors, you’ll end up with natural looking lips. Pat your lips with a napkin for even coverage.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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