Love Mistakes That Each Zodiac Sign Makes ( PART 2 )


Their love life is chaotic, because they themselves often choose the wrong partners who are not able to get into a relationship. When they are in a relationship, they are volatile and constantly wonder if their partner is the right choice. Furthermore, members of this sign are very susceptible to flirting.
These people are often willing to bet all or nothing. In their relationships they become jealous and possessive. In addition, they are very secretive, so their partner always gets the feeling that they are hiding something from them and are not completely sincere. This sign is unforgiving, and petty quarrels turn into eternal disputes filled with accusations and attempts at emotional manipulation.

Love Mistakes That Each Zodiac Sign Makes
Love Mistakes That Each Zodiac Sign Makes

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They are often insensitive and irresponsible, so they can hurt their partner’s feelings without realizing it. They live for the thrill, and this is the reason why they get bored really quickly. Their partners feel pressured to constantly go full speed and create interesting stories and situations.
They behave distantly until they fully trust their partner. Quite often, however, this is a very lengthy process, which leads to the alienation of the partner. In any case it is not easy to live with a melancholy person who takes care of every little thing, and their pessimism is transmitted to everyone around them. Members of this sign lack spontaneity, they are very burdened with work, so living with them becomes monotonous.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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