They say that ten seconds are enough for us to fall in love. But how much time do we need to stop loving someone? Is there such a period, and what determines it?
Some think that love lasts only six months, others say three years or a lifetime.
In the first year of any relationship, the feelings are more than 70% positive, inclusive, revealing and cohesion. You get to know each other more and more. And you constantly strive to indulge your partner. You constantly discover new things about each other, and it’s nice.
The flowers, candlelit dinners, and delicious food made from him makes everything seem perfect.


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And in fact, it is because you love each other. In the first year, the sexual attraction is very strong, almost irresistible. If you are separated for two days, when you meet, you barely manage to take off his clothes. Scientists explain it with the release of a certain type of hormones.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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