Some say they are attracted by the appearance of people. Others claim that a major role is playing the character, but everyone is subconsciously influenced by smell, a new study finds.
People can smell whether a potential partner is compatible with their genes, found a British expert. In his new book, Gene Compatibility, Professor Daniel Davis explains that some human genes can affect how attractive a person is to a potential partner.


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The professor from the University of Manchester believes that the right partners can smell that they have found the person with optimal genetic code. The idea is based on the so-called experiment with stinky t-shirts in which Swiss scientist Klaus Vedekind studied the DNA of a group of students to determine their histocompatibility genes.
Researchers asked male students to wear the same shirt for two consecutive nights and to avoid everything that could change its natural scent. At the end of the two days, the shirts were placed in boxes and female students were asked to smell and rate the smell by intensity, pleasure and sexuality.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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