Look Taller Now with These Easy Tricks


Many women want to look taller or like they have longer legs, but feel frustrated as they are relatively short instead. Before you reach your adult height, getting good nutrition and exercise can help you grow taller, but most of it comes down to whatever genetics you inherit from your parents. If you are not as tall as you would like to be, you can still give the illusion of height by practicing a few of these tips described below.

Image Source: inkcloth.com

Choose the Right Hairstyles

Certain hairdos can add the illusion of height. Consider changing a wide, fluffy style to one that adds vertical volume. A high ponytail can work, as can any hairstyle with a strong vertical line.

Choose Higher Heels

Women have long understood that wearing high heels made them to look taller. Shop around to find style that is most comfortable for you, as no woman should exchange looks for comfort. To really improve the appearance of your height, select shoes that are very similar to your skin tone.

Maintain Good Body Posture

Perhaps the easiest way of increasing your height is to always stand up straight. Of course, you do not want to march around like a soldier, but keeping your shoulders back and your head up will help you appear to be taller than you actually are.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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