Longer Lasting Manicures Made Easy

Never soak nails before a manicure. – Immersing your fingernails in water frequently before a manicure will make the polish more likely to chip or flake off over time. The water expands your fingernails and, when they dry out, the nail polish does not fit as well anymore.

Seal nail tips to avoid chips and cracks. – Use the top coat polish to seal the ends of your nails as well as the top surface. This will help protect the polish at the tips.

Keep your fingernails healthy. – Smooth, healthy nails will always hold onto polish better than those with bumps or cracks. Take care of your fingernails and they will always look great.

Multiple layers of nail polish are best. – Instead of putting one thick layer of nail polish on your nails and calling it a good manicure, work more slowly with thinner layers. Always allow each one to dry before applying the next.

File in a single direction, not back and forth. – Sawing the nail file back and forth across the tops of your nails encourages breakage and splitting. Your manicure will last longer if your nails are strong and undamaged.

Use gloves around the house. – If you put on gloves for your everyday activities around the house, especially cleaning up and washing dishes, you will protect your manicure for a much longer period of time.

Dry your nail polish more quickly. – Since cold hardens the fingernail polish, it can be a great idea to stick your hands in the freezer or over cold water for a short time during the drying process. To speed up the process, you can use a commercial nail drying fan or your hair dryer on the cool air setting.


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