Leading trends in makeup in 2015


Nowadays, standards of beauty change at the speed of light and it is really hard to follow fashion trends. This is particularly true for makeup; trends in this area are not an exception and change every season.

So if you were often using lipstick in the wine range in the fall, then in the New Year you should bet on something completely different.
Of course when it comes to makeup, mistakes happen, and the end result can often be comical. Therefore it is best to familiarize yourself with the latest trends and not risk very extravagant color combinations.

Thick eyebrows


Image Source: imgbuddy

This fashion is on the covers of glossy magazines for a second season and nothing seems to be going away quickly. If you are not naturally endowed with dense and thick eyebrows is not too late to grow them yourself.
Products that will help you in this endeavor are available and can be found in any pharmacy. You need coconut oil, ampulivitamin E and aloe vera, which you can rotate for a few days.
To achieve exquisite arches over your eyes through makeup, professional makeup artists advise you to not entirely rely on the eyebrow pencil. If you have spaces between the hairs, it is best fill them with a special eyebrow shadow and seal it with a transparent face powder.

Rosy cheeks
In autumn the strong trend was bronzed cheekbones, but in winter bet on a feminine and gentle look. The trend is pink rouge that gives you radiant and fresh looking skin. Do not skip the foundation, because without a proper base, pink shades will display all the little imperfections of the skin.

Matte lips
Forget the glamorous glosses! Instead, reach for moisturizing balms and matte lipsticks in natural shades. To make your lips seductively juicy, don’t miss a regular exfoliation. You can clean the dead skin cells with a special lip scrub or plain sugar.