Latest Trends of Braids for Kids


Braided Hairstyles

Due to braids’ versatility, it remains popular among kids and kids at heart. This hairstyle comes in many sizes and shapes that one can experiment with. Here are some of the most popular braids for kids you can try.

Braids for kids
Image Via —> alldaychic
Image Via —> alldaychic

Braids for Kids

• French Braids and Dutch Braids – this kind of braid may be a bit difficult at first and one may need help while doing this but once you learn how to do it, this becomes easy. Start by parting the hair in three sections and take a section from each side of the hair. Once you learn how to do these braids, you can make new styles and create new looks.

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• Lace Braids – is similar to French braids, but this is done only on one side of the hair. This style is typically used in making a headband style that looks very cute on kids. It adds texture to their hair without braiding it too much.
• Bubble Braids – is a great choice for those who have little braiding skills. This kind of braid is very easy to do and ideal for costume parties. It also does not require many accessories.
• Waterfall Braids – is one of the more complex braid that needs practice. It gives a fairytale-like look that suits all occasions.


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