How to Unshrink Your Clothes


So those new pants that you adore just came out of the dryer. You put them on and guess what- they’re too short. It happens to everyone, and it’s not a happy feeling. But you can get them back to their original shape in just a few simple steps. (You can use this process on other garments, too.)

Unshrink Your Clothes
Unshrink Your Clothes

Unshrink Your Clothes

You need three things to get started:
1. Your Pants or other Garment
2. Baby Shampoo (Conditioner works too.)
3. 2 Big Bath Towels (Beach Towels are great.)

The Process
Fill your bathroom sink with lukewarm water. Put in one cap full of the baby shampoo. Next you need to place your shrunken clothing item into the water and get it thoroughly soaked. Carefully squeeze out the excess water. Do not rinse. Place your garment out flat on one of the towels and roll it up tightly. (As shown)….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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