How to Make a Cute Shoelace Braid Hairstyle


So many braided hairstyles exist that it’s hard to choose which one you want to try next. For a truly unique, yet casual look, this braid style is perfect. Because it looks similar to how shoelaces cross over each other, it is called shoelace braiding. It may look very difficult to complete, but once you have the simple knotting trick, it becomes relatively easy. It can be done by yourself in ten minutes or less, so you can even try this shoelace braid hairstyle for everyday use.

Image Source: cosmopolitan

Materials Needed:
• Volumizing hair mousse
• Elastic hair bands
• Bobby pins


1. Use volumizing mousse over all of your hair. This will help the hairstyle stay where you put it and keep it tight for all day wear.

Image Source: cosmopolitan

2. Part all your hair in the center and separate it to either side of your head.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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