How to do Makeup for a Photo Shoot


Makeup for a photo shoot is very different from daily morning to evening makeup. This is how to apply makeup in all its modeling glory.

1. Facial Toning

Since the camera “sees” (recognizes) all the defects of the skin, a person needs to be very careful when planning. It’s important not to forget to apply a toning to all exposed skin, ears, neck and décolleté. The skin of the body should not contrast with the face. Because the shiny “skin on skin” is a big problem for the photographer and it greatly affects the beauty of the photos, toning means to choose a solid consistency and only with a matte finish. Any foundation can make a person more flat. To even out the amount, use the technique of “sculpturing” (with the help of powder 2 shades darker).

Makeup for a Photo Shoot
Makeup for a Photo Shoot

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2. Eye Makeup

Because the camera eats up color intensity, eye makeup should be even more intense than usual evening makeup. In order for the shadow not to smudge before applying, use a special base under the shadow.

For photo shoot makeup, it’s best to use matte eye shadow. Shimmer can give unwanted glare to the photos, and it’s not advisable to use rhinestones and glitter in the eye makeup because it produces white spots and spoils the photographs. In addition, makeup artists do not advise using bright red and pale pink shades of eye shadow because they can make the eyes look dull and painful.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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