How to Color Your Hair Using Purple Hair Dye

  In today’s world there always seems to be a dozen shades of each color. This creates a wide variety of options to choose from but also makes it harder to easily pick out colors. This also applies to hair dyes. Purple hair dye comes in several different shades varying from light to dark ones. Since hair dyes are translucent in nature, it is important to ensure that the underlying hair color whether natural or previously applied permanent dye does not interfere with the new dye. If you want a lighter shade of purple, you should ensure that you hair color is light as well.


Preparing your Hair for Purple Hair Dye

As pointed out above, you are required to prepare your hair before applying purple dye. Depending on your hair color and the desired purple appearance, you may have to bleach out the natural hair color. If you have a permanent colored dye you also have to remove this using the relevant procedure. Bleaching your hair can be troublesome as the hair turns yellow and on applying purple dye you will get a different color. To remove this yellow color, you should tone your hair to make it as light as possible. It is recommended that you get the bleaching and toning done by professionals to minimize any damage to your hair. Once your hair is light enough you are ready for the dye.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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