Lip size.
Light colored lipstick visually increases the size of lips, whereas dark colors decrease. If you would like to increase the size of your lips, be sure to trace them with the same color of lip liner as lipstick. Apply the lipstick with a small brush and add some gloss to the middle of the lips. With this technique, you should put more gloss on the lower lip than the upper. You can also add some highlight above the upper lip, being sure to spread it evenly. Keep in mind that pearlescent lipstick will highlight any flaws in your lips and increase their size. Therefore, if your lips are in bad shape, it’s better to use a matte lipstick and for the evening, use gloss.
Lighter shades are recommended for younger girls, for young women, rich colors (keeping in mind the time of day), and for older women, darker colors, but nothing too loud or that is too suggestive. Pastel colors accentuate wrinkles less than others.
During cold light conditions (winter skies, neon lights), it’s not recommended to use cold shades. However, with warm light conditions (incandescent light, candle) – use brown tones.



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