Hair color.
Blondes with blue or green eyes and fair skin can wear all shades of pink, plum, and coral. Especially bright colors are not recommended. Blondes with hazel or chestnut eyes should look for gentle shades of pink and red. Bright red and bright pink are not recommended. Blondes with a golden skin tone should look for beige-gold tones. Ladies with red hair with fair skin can use plum, dark red, brown, and coral colors. Orange and bright pink shades are not recommended. Brunettes with whitish-pink skin should use pink, dark pink, plum, and light brown colors of lipstick. Brunettes with gray or blue eyes and fair skin should choose classic scarlet or lily colors. Brunettes with dark colored eyes and dark complexion should look for plum, chocolate, orange, and dark red colors. Shades of the medium variety, in general, should work for everyone. Darker shades are better for women with dark hair and skin.
Tooth color.
Those possessing white teeth are given a lot of freedom, and should only worry about color types. Yellow teeth force you to be much more careful with your choice of lipstick. Purple is not recommended, along with brown or bright red. Auburn shades would be preferred, along with light red and natural pink. Light shades of lipstick and lipgloss pull attention away from imperfect teeth.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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