Ten years ago, no one could imagine that the concept of happiness would turn into an actual subject of researches. But nowadays, the scientists know what happens in our minds when we feel good about life or have achieved something.
Four steps to your goal:
1. Aim for only one thing.
We all want everything here and now, and this is the reason why we start doing a thousand things. In the end, we can’t achieve anything. We have to focus on one thing, but it should be important: fall in love and find a good job.
2. Form your wish.
Use one phrase consisting of 6 to 10 words.
3. Repeat it often, especially in the moments when you feel strong emotions, such as when you are scared or excited before a date. This way, your wish is going to get emotional charged.
4. Arm yourself with patience.
Do not attack your goal directly. While you are waiting for the happy event, do what you are good at.



Image Source: hooplaha

Makeup as a Stress Therapy
Scientists have proven that makeup can make you happier, mostly because it is not something necessarily like eating or sleeping and therefore creates positive emotions, even if it is about something you need, such as covering dark circles or pimples. The art, called makeup, is:
1. Happy
Putting on makeup is a joyful activity. It shows your eagerness to go out and represent yourself. At the same time, people who suffer from depression stop caring about their appearance. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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