Four Mistakes You Could Be Using With Eyeliner

Do you know how pencils, gels and liquid liners differ?

These three different types of eyeliner create different looks when applied. Pencils are great for beginners and create a softer appearance. Once you can successfully line your eyes with a pencil, you may like to graduate to gel and liquid liners, which can be more difficult to apply evenly. Gel options can create a very glamorous look. Liquid liners are the strongest of all and are usually used for evening styles with eyeshadow.

Do you apply your eyeliner unevenly?

The number one most obvious problem with and have when applying eyeliner is that they make uneven lines or unbalanced shapes from one eye to another. Instead of drawing one line from the inner corner to the outer corner, which can result in wrong placement or thickness, use short strokes that you can change as you go so that your eyes match perfectly.


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