Four Mistakes You Could Be Using With Eyeliner


Many women forgo wearing eyeliner on an everyday basis, instead opting for simple shadow and mascara. However, for special occasions and later night outings, eyeliner is necessary to create those beautiful, sensuous eyes that we so desire. Applied correctly, eyeliner accentuates the natural beauty of an eye and really makes it stand out as a focal point on the face. Unfortunately, many women do not understand exactly how is eyeliner to their best advantage.

Are you making any of these eyeliner mistakes?


Image Source: alldaychic

Do you use only black and brown liner?

Using only black and brown eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids can result in a closed in or raccoon appearance instead of a wide-eyed look women want. Instead of sticking with these basic, try colored eyeliner or even pale tones like white to cancel the dark effect.

Do you put too much eyeliner on the bottom lid?

Applying eyeliner along the bottom lid can actually make your eyes look smaller than they really are. It’s that is counter to the point of using eyeliner, stick with thicker lines on the top lid only. On the lower lid, use thinner lines of paler colors to accent the lash line without becoming overbearing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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