Five rules of perfect winter makeup!

Do you want to look stunning, no matter what the weather is outside? Our simple rules will help you.
• Winter skin is exposed to wind and cold, which leads to loss of required moisture. The skin becomes dry with wrinkles, but concealer with moisturizing ingredients will help avoid this. It will give your skin an even tone and protect it from frost.

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• Summer is passed and your tan has long washed away. Your face is pale, but bronzer is a remedy for this situation. With a large, soft brush, apply bronzer all over your face in a very thin layer, but don’t forget to your neck for no visible color transitions.

• Due to frost, your cheeks should acquire a healthy glow; don’t use a lot of blush and only with creamy texture if you do.

• Your lips needs special care during the wintertime. To protect their delicate skin from the cold, choose a lipstick that is composed of vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. Before application, use a moisturizing lip balm with an SPF protective filter.

• In cold weather, your eye makeup can melt and spread. To prevent this, use waterproof mascara and apply it in two layers (second layer only after the first has dried).