Fail-proof tips for smoky eyes look


Always use same color basic eyeshadow and pencil. Black and gray are classic, but brown, purple, green, and blue are not out of the ordinary. Feel free to experiment!

Choosing the right eye pencil – 6 tips:

Remember, brown and purple mascara will make your lashes look more velvety. If you find the look overly daring, try using black mascara for base and apply color over it.

Smoky eyes look allows you to visually make your eyes bigger, farther apart, or closer together. The key is to choose the right color and accentuate the correct areas.

Image Source: lolzbook

If you use fake lashes, cut them into 3 parts before applying them to your eyelid. That will make it much easier and it will turn out more even.

To complete your look, consider a natural shade of lipstick or lip gloss, like beige, nude, or peach.