DIY solutions for baby-soft feet

1. Mix egg yolks with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of starch. Apply the mixture to your foot soles after a hot bath or shower, leave on until dries. Wash off with warm water and apply thick moisturizer to your feet.

2. Grind an aloe leaf and apply to problem areas, cover up with plastic wrap, and wear cotton socks. Leave on overnight.

3. Grind garlic cloves and cabbage (1:1), mix with grated boiled potatoes (warm), and fill 2 bags. Place your feet inside the bags. The longer you keep them on, the better.

Image Source: alldaychic

4. If your foot soles are too rough and resemble sandpaper, treat them with fresh onions after a herbal bath. Dab the onions in hot water several times, slice in half, apply to your foot soles, and wrap in plastic wrap. Leave on overnight. In the morning, remove the onions, use a loofah to thoroughly massage your feet, then apply thick moisturizer with circular motions. 2-3 procedures is enough for your skin to become tender and smooth again.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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