Create Beautiful Rose Nail Art


The vast majority of women who want a flower design on their fingernails use decals because the painting techniques are rather difficult. With the increased popularity of floral prints in fashion these days, you might want to add the look to your nails in a quick and easy way. This beautiful rose nail art can be done in any variety of colors that match the season for your personal style. The turquoise and pink we show up below is great for spring and summer, while you may like to use deep red and orange colors for the fall. Even if the world outside is brown or gray, you can keep this touch of natural beauty at your fingertips all year round.

Rose Nail Art
Rose Nail Art

Image Source: alldaychic

Materials Needed:
• Nail base coat
• Turquoise nail polish (or other color as desired)
• Pink and red rose-colored nail polish
• Green nail polish for leaves
• Dotting tool

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