Create an Elegant Bun Hairstyle at Home

• Curling iron
• Hairspray

Elegant Bun Hairstyle
Elegant Bun Hairstyle

Image Source: freckled-fox

1. Begin this hairstyle by teasing all your hair with the comb to give it more body.
2. Separate the hair into three sections: two small ones on each side at the front and a larger one in the back.
3. Make a loose ponytail with the back section of hair.
4. Apply heat protectorant to all of your hair Curl narrow sections of the ponytail hair first, and then curl the hair at the front two sections.
5. Twist and turn the curled ponytail at the back of your head into a messy bun shape and secure it with bobby pins.
6. Twist the hair from the front two sections a few times and then use bobby pins to secure it to your head toward the back bun.
7. After all the hair is twisted and secured, give it a light coating of hairspray so this unique hairstyle will last all night.
8. If you have friends or bangs, curl them a little bit and leave them as a romantic accent.


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