3D Cat Eyes Magnetic Gel Nail Polish (LED Hybrid)

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About the product:

  • Galaxy Gel Collection Gift Set: A gel collection of 15 bottles gel polish!
  • Definitely Worth It: All these gels are the newest style. A set to try different effects, the best cost efficient gel set of this market!
  • Two Kinds of Finish: Shiny finish and Matte finish. Just mix the finish with two kinds of top coat and you can get amazing nail fun!
  • Galaxy Effect: The NEW 3D cat eyes chameleon gel polish, dual colors, mixed purple and green, could achieve an incredible galaxy effect!
  • Please Note: The gel set is for professionals and beginners. Need skills in applying them firstly and the beginners need to practice more to get the effect. Need to cure under UV LED nail lamp.

Tips to Apply Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish:

1.To control the distance of the surface in the 2mm when using the magnet glue, the effect will be better if you get closer

2.The use time magnet stick is usually about 8 seconds, so use the forced magnet stick can be 3 seconds

3. the most important point: do not finish all the nails at the same time when apply the second layer of the cat eye glue, it is recommended use magnet stick after finishing 1-2 nails, and cure gel under LED / UV lamp after apply all the nails.