Natural Full Cover Concealer


About the product:

• Discover Full Cover, the best full coverage concealer and waterproof makeup To cover tattoos, scars, vitiligo, birthmarks, bruises, veins and more, you need an opaque concealer.

• Have you noticed that every part of your body is a different color? Custom blend problems away with this 5 color wheel concealer. -Age Spots on your hands? -Tattoo you don’t want to see today? -Birthmarks, bruises or veins on your face or legs? -Port Wine Stains or Scars?

• Also recommended by cosmetic surgeons and skin care professionals for post surgical cover up during healing.


• *For best results, set the concealer with our Make It Stay - Colorless Powder and Make It Stay, Makeup Setting Spray*

• **IMPORTANT: This concealer is thick and therefore needs to be warmed up prior to application. Take a small amount of product out with your cosmetic spatula and put it on the back of your hand. Swirl it around with the warmth of your finger. IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP, YOU WON'T GET THE COVERAGE YOU NEED**

• For dark tattoos you may have to layer the concealer. Use a lighter color than your skin tone first. Set with powder, and than apply your skin tone color on top. Powder again to set.