Choose the Best Blush for Your Skin Tone



Using blush to highlight your cheeks gives your face a healthy glow and a bright cheerful look no matter what your mood. Blush can be applied at many angles to contour the face or offer highlights, and can also be worn in many different shades depending on the occasion or time of day. Different colors of blush are also best for women of different ages. For example, older women with bright pink cheeks may look to artificial. When choosing the right color of blush for you, your natural skin tone is perhaps the most important factor. These tips can help you avoid looking like a clown or choosing something too garish or too pale.


Image Source: alldaychic

Pale or Fair Skin Tone: if your skin does not tan easily and looks like porcelain or a delicate peach, the last thing you want to do is use too dark or too bright blush. The most delicate shades of soft pink, pale peach and delicate coral tones are best used with a large brush and a gentle hand.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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